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forEVo - A Partner You Can Rely On

We provide advertising space, service and operate your EVSE, install our EVSEs on your premises

Bring new clients to your business

We offer the opportunity to place your advertisement at our EV charging stations.

This is an effective way to reach a financially capable audience, increase brand recognition, and gain trust!

Place your advertisement at fast stations located at the following addresses:

  • Briketa Street, 23 (A-100 gas station)

  • Intersection of Uborovich Street and MKAD (A-100 gas station)

  • Yel'nitsa Village (highway to Mogilev) (A-100 gas station)

  • Hippo Shopping Center, Borovaya Village, 7

  • ALL and ALL House Shopping Centers, Dolginovskiy Trakt

  • a/g Senitsa, Zelenaya str., 1/4;

Place your advertisement at slow stations in elite residential complexes:

  • "Novaya Borovaya" Residential Area

  • "PIRS" Residential Quarter

  • "Zelenaya Gavan'" Residential Complex;


Please inquire for details by phone +375 44 748 45 24 (marketing department)

Technical service for your electric charging stations

Our experienced specialists will quickly and efficiently perform maintenance on your EV charging stations and diagnose possible malfunctions.

Timely maintenance is the foundation of safety and reliability for your stations.


Please inquire for details by phone +375 44 702 54 91 (technical support department)

Put your EVSE into operation

Has your charging station been idle for a while? Unsure how to make good use of it? Let your EV charging station bring benefits through:


We will lease your station!

The lease includes our work on:

  • Station maintenance

  • Offering charging services to electric vehicle owners

  • Promoting the station

Please inquire for details by phone +375 29 364 46 16

Install our EVSEs on your premises

Due to the increasing number of electric vehicles, we are actively striving to develop the infrastructure for electric transportation.

Our goal is the comfort of residents and the environmental friendliness of the city.

We will help solve the problem for all owners of adjacent areas or parking lots where there is a lack of electric vehicle charging stations.
We install and maintain EV charging stations at our own expense, providing users with fast and slow charging services.


Please inquire for details by phone +375 29 364 46 16